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March 23 2018

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Hero Worship

Like father, like son!

Winner of February's Patreon pinup poll

March 19 2018

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Package Received

The deliveryman ALWAYS delivers!
(I know Valentine's was last month, but better late than never.)

March 15 2018

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Getting handsy

You should see how he says "goodbye"!
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March 12 2018

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Love Seat

Fanart for Bigdad. Thought I'd finally conclude the saga.
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March 08 2018

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Mrs. Brooks goes for a ride

Giftart for JamesAB
Stephanie tries a new position on her hubby, Michael.

March 05 2018

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What the F.L.A.R.G.
Timmy discovers a souvenir from an unforgettable night...that he'll never remember.

February 25 2018

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Cream Puff

Felt like drawing her again. She's seriously got a great bod.

February 21 2018

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Sexy Hexy

shapely and cute Gumball character that deserves more attention.

February 20 2018

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Oh Snap!

Rudy's got the cock!

February 17 2018

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Almost There

Tiana is willing to go to any lengths to get her restaurant. Even if it means having a one night stand with a frisky shadow!

Winner of January's Patreon pinup poll

February 13 2018

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Pink at first sight

A poor, lovely housewife all by her lonesome on Valentine's Day. What's a delivery boy to do?
(there should be more art of this beauty.)

February 09 2018

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Guide to the afterlife

I thought she was cute and I've been wanting to draw her for a while :-)

February 07 2018

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Waffle Woman gets iced

She REALLY loves her cinnamon frosting

January 30 2018

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Below the belt

An old gift art for S-L-B that I forgot to upload 
Looks like Dave-uh, the Wasp got in over his head when he took on the luchador champion, Estrella de Plata! The things a guy would do for a new computer!

January 20 2018

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This show is beginning to grow on me :-D

January 19 2018

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Chance of light snow

Lauren enjoys a peaceful winter day with a relaxing cup of cocoa.

January 15 2018

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Doctor C and the Women

He has a way with the ladies :-)

January 11 2018

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Like Mother used to make. Without pants

She spilled cooking oil on her pants. Now she's washing them.
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Like Mother used to make

As creepy as she was, she was still a hottie! <3
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January 08 2018

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Peach BJ

Quick doodles of Peach ^_^ She has some cute lips
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