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November 04 2018

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Heels Over Head

Late birthday present for Bigdad

It's always good to stay limber!
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October 30 2018

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Five stars. Would visit again (cum)

Another satisfied customer!
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Five stars. Would visit again

Early Halloween treat! Winner of October's Patreon pinup poll!

Mavis does her part for the hotel and tends to the customer's needs!
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October 28 2018

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Something quick I wanted to get done in time. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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October 25 2018

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Good Boy

Loving Lily tends to her poor son, Eddie and helps release his more beastly urges!
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October 21 2018

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Fire in the Sky

Evil never looked so good!
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October 17 2018

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Commission request for DragonmanX

Looks like Margarine thinks Davey is an "udder" delight!
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October 12 2018

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Packed with protein

Sketch commission for Raccoonfootproductions
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Rayman Orgasms

Sketch commission for TShard
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Hard Data

Sketch commission for Kasanimo
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October 07 2018

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Total Eclipsa

Hail to the Queen, baby!
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October 03 2018

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Hard as Stone

She's needed this. It's been too long.
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September 30 2018

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Taste of Heaven

Sister Lucille, doing God's work. Helping a poor, young wayward soul to see the light.
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September 25 2018

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Getting in Shape

When working out, always remember to...stay...hy......dra...ted.....

I'm sorry, what was I saying?
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September 19 2018

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Tinkering Silica 03

Silica gets a visitor
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Tinkering Silica 02

Silica gets a visitor
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Tinkering Silica

R2D2's had some work done
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September 16 2018

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Got the urge to draw some Olive

September 14 2018

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Sharon shares

She's still got it!
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August 19 2018

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Pump it

Carol acts as a spotter for a well-endowed newcomer to the dojo in a more private workout session.
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