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August 07 2018

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Holly Blue at the Zoo

After taking over the space station, the other Amethysts decide to "imprison" their former superior in the Zoo with the humans. Fortunately for them, it was during mating season.
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August 05 2018

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Feebee's Freebie

My super late part of an art trade with Feathers-butts
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August 02 2018

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Hands Full

Commission request for Supro
Lana and Davey get better acquainted.

July 29 2018

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Polly on the scene

Never enough art of Polly Purebred.

July 28 2018

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Crushin' it

Commission request for AEHentai
Wesley Crusher uses the holodeck to live out a secret fantasy.
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July 24 2018

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Working Girl 

Meet Kate, the peach of the beach!
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July 22 2018

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Private fusion
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Here cums a thought

Welcome to Fusion Training with Garnet and Stevonnie
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July 17 2018

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Love in the sun

Time to spend Summer with Love Hina's best girls!
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July 13 2018

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Feeling blue

Gift art for Darkeros

Lady Eros makes a new friend/fuck buddy
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July 08 2018

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Tamaranians like to go commando
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July 04 2018

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This Fourth of July, Stargirl and Supergirl make some fireworks of their own! Hope the people down below brought a umbrella!

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July 01 2018

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I know what we're gonna do today

With Murphy's Law taking a holiday, Zack and Melissa use this golden opportunity to have some fun without any over-the-top reprecussions.
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June 30 2018

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Pretty Petunia

Iseenudepeople's Petunia is too precious for this world ^_^
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June 28 2018

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Easy as pie

Commission request for PyroWildcat
Dorothy offers Giggles a solution to her cream pie shortage.
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June 22 2018

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Thrill her Back

and Chopper take a little detour while exploring Thriller Bark.
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June 20 2018

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Luna in Rio

Turns out Luna didn't die after all. She snuck out of her car and into a nearby manhole before her car blew up, then migrated to Brazil to begin her new life.

Or at least, that's my headcannon.
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June 14 2018

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I Dream of Yuriko

Sketch commission for Purm
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Sci-fi vs. Fantasy

Sketch commission for Seztren
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June 12 2018

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Life of Riley

Fanart of Andrew Dickman's Riley from his comic, Downlovable Content.
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